School and Municipal Partners

Locally operated. Nationally supported.

Transportation Sector Consultants is dedicated to providing unique solutions to improve the way your school district manages its pupil transportation system. We understand that each school district is different so we customize our services to fit your needs, allowing you to build a transportation system that is exactly what you want — at a price you can afford.

TSC does not want to privatize your pupil transportation system. Instead, we focus exclusively on providing consulting and management services to school districts. Our knowledgeable professionals hold over 100 years of experience in the pupil transportation industry and lend their expertise to our Suite of Services, including transportation system management, routing enhancement, maintenance reviews, financial reviews, technology consultations, Federal and State safety compliance, strengthening the culture of the workplace, and enhanced learning and development programs for your employees.

The TSC Suite of Services provides your school district with direct access to industry knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and economies of scale otherwise not available to district-operated transportation systems. A partnership with TSC allows you to stay in control of your fleet and drivers, while affording you the opportunity to use our knowledge and vendor partnerships to strengthen operational efficiencies and manage your transportation budget.